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(Pocket-lint) - Power Japan Plus has launched a new battery technology called Ryden dual carbon. Not only will it last longer and charge faster than lithium but it can be made using the same factories where lithium batteries are built.

The batteries use carbon materials which mean they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than current alternatives. It also means the batteries will charge twenty times faster than lithium ion. They will also be hardier with the ability to last 3,000 charge cycles, plus they are safer with lower chance of fire or explosion.

While all the stats are impressive it's not the first time we've written about alternative batteries. They never seem to make it to market. The Ryden is different because it can be made using existing manufacturing processes, meaning it won't require a huge investment from companies.

Power Japan Plus has said it will begin producing 18,650 Ryden cells later this year. Hopefully we'll start seeing these appear in mobile devices soon.

"Current advanced batteries have made great improvement on performance, but have done so by compromising on cost, reliability and safety," said Dr Kaname Takeya, CTO of Power Japan Plus. "The Ryden dual carbon battery balances this equation, excelling in each category."

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 22 May 2014.