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(Pocket-lint) - Getting around on anything less than a hoverboard will always be a let down. But with self-driving cars around the corner the future of travel is nearly upon us, at last.

Recent creations make the future of travel look enjoyable, unlike self-driving cars that take all the fun out of it. Here are the best ones you could be flying, speeding and jetting along with soon.

Aero-X flying bike

You read that correctly, a flying bike should be here by 2017. The two-seater Aero-X bike will be able to transport two people at 10 feet above the ground at up to 72kph.

The bike will be built by a California based company who is aiming to sell the future ride for around $85,000. Anyone interested can already drop a $5,000 deposit.

Carbon fibre rotors take the place of wheels so the bike can take off vertically without the need for forward speed or a runway. And it should be as easy to ride as a motorbike as the 356kg beast uses handlebar grips for controls.

The Aero-X hoverbike can carry up to 140kg and should be able to run for 75 minutes before it's out of fuel.

Mark De Roche, the company's CTO and founder. "Its intuitive operation, low cost, and unique capabilities make it suitable for disaster relief, search and rescue, and patrolling borders and game parks. We believe it will enable low-altitude utility previously unavailable due to cost and training barriers."

Handheld electric jet engine

One man from Stoke, Adam Contoret, has spent two years creating a jet engine that can be held and achieves speeds of up to 50mph. It's been used recently to pull a windsurfer along, without wind, but could be applied to snowboarding, skating or anything else you can imagine.

The huge achievement means dual jet engines that are powered by electricity and only produce cold air. While the lack of heat makes them safe the 50mph speed when on water could be dangerous if you're planning on boat dodging.

The jet engines reach 30,000rpm with 10hpw in each engine for an impressive 78 per cent energy efficiency. But that still only equates to about 10 minutes of use before the hefty battery backpack gives out.

Dr Contoret says in five years it should be half the weight and double the power. He wants to have the device on sale for anyone for around £3,000 to £6,000. Where do we sign up?

Outrider USA electric trike

Cycling to work is very green, but can mean breaking a sweat. There are electric bikes out there but few that could beat a sports car to the office. The Outider USA is just such a vehicle.

This modified Outrider USA 422 Alpha, which weighs just 45kg, can reach a world record speed of over 85mph. Pedaling can supplement battery-powered drive but once at high speeds the battery takes over.

The basic 411 Hyperlite, which hasn't been modified, can reach up to 40mph – which would feel plenty fast at that low height. This can manage an 83-mile range with pedaling or 56 miles on pure electric going at 20mph. The 411 Hyperlite can be bought now from $9,995.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 19 May 2014.