UK gadget retailer Firebox is selling the Breathometer smart breathalyser in the UK, having snagged the exclusive rights.

The device plugs into an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 7, or specific Android devices, including the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, and works with a dedicated application to measure the blood alcohol content of a user.

All you have to do is blow on the sensor and graphics on the phone or tablet's screen will show you how much longer it will take for you to be sober again.

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It comes with a warning. It is not designed to tell you whether you are still capable of legally driving. Instead, it is there to give you piece of mind and remind you to drink responsibly.

It weighs just 27g, is pocket-sized and comes with a hole to connect to a keychain, if that's your want. The Breathometer runs using one AAA battery, which Firebox claims will last up to 75 tests.

Now, if they only invented one that could tell you how many calories you've consumed after eating an iced bun. Hmmmm, bun.

The Breathometer is available from for £59.99.