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(Pocket-lint) - Meet Lix, the 3D printing pen that can truly be called a pen while still able to draw in full 3D. 3Doodler has some thinning down to do.

Lix allows users to draw in the air, in 3D, as the liquid plastic coming from it dries super-fast to remains solid in the air.

Lix is on Kickstarter now where it has already smashed its £30,000 goal. It promises a slim pen that is capable of 3D drawing using ABS or PLA plastic.

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The pen is super mobile, not only because of its size but also how it runs. The Lix is powered by a USB cable which can be plugged into any USB 3.0 port, allowing even a laptop to power it. Lix uses thin ABS or PLA plastic filament strips that can be fed into the top – which is neater than current reels of plastic that are needed.

ABS filament has a greater strength and flexibility than PLA. But PLA comes in  wider variety of colours, gloss and translucency. The Lix pen itself is just 40g in weight, is made from anodised aluminium, has two speed control buttons, outputs a 0.6mm filament and will come with black or grey matte finish.

With early backing options already gone the cheapest Lix is now £82 which includes three bags of mixed colour plastic. The Lix is expected to ship around December 2014.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 30 April 2014.