A new wearable device is available for pre-order starting today, and it promises to be your Bluetooth gesture controller for everything. It's called Nod.

Nod is a ring that'll ship this autumn. It supports a wide range of devices, including Mac and Windows desktops, iOS and Android tablets and phones, Nest Thermostats, Hue lighting systems, and even wearables like Google Glass. Nod will connect to your device and extends its capabilities. But if your device doesn't have Bluetooth, Nod will connect to your smartphone and then connect to that Bluetooth-less device via Wi-Fi.

Nod boasts a black plastic casing that is water- and dust-proof and a rechargeable battery that lasts one day. The ring's flat underside has a capacitive touch panel and small buttons. You can program specific functions for these controls, and then use them with third-party apps. Just wear the ring, and then wield it around like a laser pointer or mouse. Nod will act like a cursor and respond to your gestures, movements, and physical commands.

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Nod houses motion sensors like a nine-axis accelerometer, as well as gesture and proximity sensors, two Cortex M3 processors, and 32,000 dpi accuracy for movement. This powerful technology allows Nod to recognise gestures like swiping, rotating, and one-, two-, or three-finger motions, each of which could enable you to unlock a phone, log into a computer, turn lights on or off, adjust temperature, unlock a door, type/text, and even game.

Nod, at first blush, seems quite similar to Longbar's Ring gadget that debuted on Kickstarter. But there's one major difference between the two rings: Nod has an impressive team of engineers, scientists, and product managers behind it. Most Nod Inc employees have graduated from Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and USC, and they've previously worked at tech companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Jawbone, Samsung, NASA, Zee Aero, and HP Labs.

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If you're interested in Nod, you can pre-order one now for $149. Check out the video above for more details.