Hitachi is providing the lifts for the 1,700 feet high Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre currently under construction in China. And they will be the fastest in the world.

Each lift will be capable of travelling an average speed of almost 45mph, from the first to the 95th floor in approximately 43 seconds. There will be two of the ultra-high-speed elevators in the building, with Hitachi also providing the other 93, including 28 double-deck lifts capable of speeds over 22mph.

Hitachi will employ braking equipment and a governor on each elevator, to ensure they remain safe in the 1,443 feet lift shafts. And other technologies will be in place to prevent lateral vibration and reduce the sensation of ear blockage caused by pressure differences.

Considering our ears pop every time we travel in the lifts at the 627 feet hight BT Tower, we can only imagine what could happen in the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre. We suspect that those with an ear infection might not want to work on the 95th floor.