I Can Make is a British company that specialises in creating designs for model airplanes and trains where the pieces can be build using a 3D printer. Like with Airfix kits of old, kids and adults alike will be able to construct classic craft from individual plastic parts. However, the difference is that the user prints each piece themselves first.

The company will be launching 12 I Can Make Kits by autumn 2014, with the first two being unveiled at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle Upon Tyne on 26 April: Stephenson's Rocket and a Gloster E28/29 jet aircraft.

I Can Make will follow that up with patterns for a replica model of SpaceShipOne, launching at the US Maker Faire in San Mateo on 17 May.

Because you are making the parts yourself, you can print them out in whatever colours you choose and as often as you like. Once purchased, the kits are yours to do with what you like. There will also be accessory packs for more expert makers.

Find out more from I Can Make's official website at icanmake.co.