The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has arrived in cinemas with your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man firing webs all over the screen. Now a real-life web-slinging device has been made by a fan in Germany, using electromagnets.

The "web-shooter" uses an electromagnetic coil gun to fire a tethered projectile from the wrist-worn device. In reality it's basically a Taser gun that's been modified. But it's been done really well.

The charge, fire and recoil buttons are worn on the palm of the hand, just like Spidey does. A tap of the fire button and the projectile – in this case a brass arrow tip – is fired and even sticks into objects. So it's not quite the sticky web-fluid that will allow the user to swing from buildings, but it's a pretty good effort.

The makeshift web-shooter also features a laser sight for aiming and can be recoiled allowing for objects to be pulled in. Left a snack on the other side of the room? Fear not citizen the web-shooter has come to the rescue.

Other than that, and shooting your mates, there isn't much else to be done with the web-shooter. But it looks fun and is an impressively well built effort. Well done AnselmoFanZero.