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(Pocket-lint) - It seems crazy that LED lighting, which is now in most gadgets, hasn't made it into street lights. Jersey is pioneering LED street lights that have halved the energy bills on the island. That means brighter light, for cheaper, lighting up pedestrians and keeping them safe at night. And now it looks like London is helping bring LED lighting to the rest of the country.

Westminster City Council has already installed LED lighting on Downing Street and Cathedral Plaza. The plan is to start testing this further on heritage lighting – the old fashioned style lights found in the capital – before rolling them out on a wider scale.

Westminster is also working on further expansion of its smart lights which are now installed across the borough. These lights, already found in Westminster, use intelligent dimming to save power across the city's array of lights.

Dave Franks, Westminster City Council public lighting services development manager, said: "Smart lights have been lighting up Westminster’s streets for the past couple of years, in a pioneering 4-year project which is being rolled out across the city so that Westminster has full smart light coverage by the end of the year. Our ultra-efficient lighting means that residents have the right lighting in the right places at the right time, saving the council time, money and energy whilst keeping families safe at night."

LED lighting could mean safer roads across the country as streets can be lit up brighter at a lower cost, making pedestrians more easily spotted by drivers at night.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 17 April 2014.