Raspberry Pi, the computer on a circuit board, has become even smaller. Now the basic system is the size of a memory stick, but still offers the powers of a computer.

The new Raspberry Pi, known as Compute Module, is a board that manages to cram in 4GB of storage alongside the Pi processor. It all fits on a module no larger than a stick of DDR2 laptop RAM.

The idea wasn't just to make the Raspberry Pi smaller but rather to offer a standard connector so users can attach any interfaces they like. Now Pi fans won't be stuck with just the connections offered on the Raspberry Pi board as it slips into a larger IO Board with multiple connection options.

The Compute Module will be sold alongside a starter IO Board when it's released this June. Pricing hasn't been announced yet for individual units but Raspberry Pi says large-scale buyers like schools and entrepreneurs will be able to buy 100 for about $30 each.

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