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(Pocket-lint) - Rubbing ourselves with a bit of cloth in an age of Dyson feels silly. We've been waiting for a new system for a while. But it looks like Dyson was beaten to it by The Body Dryer which uses jets of air to make people water-free.

The idea of getting rid of the towel isn't just about laziness but cleanliness. Nasty little bacteria build up in towels and users just end up rubbing the bad back into their skin, apparently. It also means less towels, and towel waste, which is better for the environment. That's why The Body Dryer has hit Indiegogo and is currently smashing its £50,000 goal by more than double.

The Body Dryer uses hot or cold forced ionised air, which is blown up from below to dry a person in around thirty seconds. This varies, with shorter people drying faster as they're nearer the powerful end of the blower. Since the device looks like a scale its makers decided to double it as a weighing scale too.

The plan is to have Body Dryers in gyms as well as homes priced at around $250. Early adopters who back the project on Indiegogo can reserve their Body Dryer now for $150 while these lower price offers remain available.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 8 April 2014.