Smartwatches are great but sometimes it's smarter to go with the basics, like old school arcades. The Retro Arcade Watch will be like strapping a box of memories to your wrist.

The Retro Arcade Watch, being sold on, is a fully functional watch that looks like a mini arcade system. The watch display uses little asteroids as the hour and minute hands while a space ship takes care of the second hand duties. It even comes with a teeny-weeny joystick but that's for ornamental purposes only.

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A press of the "fire" button lights up the red hour dots accompanied by a "pew" sound effect in the style of classic arcade. So if the watch itself didn't attract any attention the sound should finish the job. The entire watch is styled to look like a Galactic Defence arcade game.

While the watch won't let users play any games it certainly looks the part. Strap one onto your wrist if you fancy a retro look for $50.