Sailors ahoy. Afterguard is here to bring all the tactical data of sailing to the eyes of seafarers so they can concentrate on the boat without looking away at screen read-outs.

Heads up display glasses are an ideal solution for sailors who constantly need to be moving and using both hands. That's why Afterguard was created, so a man of the sea can take every bit of data into account before making a decision that could be the difference between winning or losing a race.

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The Afterguard uses a central communications unit to pull all the data from the boat's instruments before wirelessly streaming it to the headsets of anyone on board. The sunglasses and heads-up display, which sits on the bottom right like Google Glass, weigh 60g and last 6 hours on a charge. Batteries can be swapped out so users never need to stop using the headset for long.

Data displayed includes speed, heading, wind speed and more.

Afterguard will be available from "Fall 2014" for $2500. Early buyers can pick one up now for $1900.