Left Field Labs started a project back in January that allowed users to create a song which would be 3D printed onto a Music Drop. We gave it a go and ours has just arrived.

We even got to watch our creation being printed. After receiving a notification email we followed the link to a camera feed showing our musical note board being live printed. Now, without paying a penny, the Music Drop has arrived at our door.

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It's a simple affair with a crank moving the board so plastic bumps push metallic teeth to make sounds. While our musical expertise might be lacking it's an impressive creation, especially considering it was totally free. This just shows the potential for low-cost, personalised manufacturing thanks to 3D printing. We're more tempted than ever to invest in a 3D printer for ourselves.

If you ordered one, and have or haven't received it, we'd love to hear from you. And if you fancy giving it a go yourself head over to Left Field Labs to create your own.