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(Pocket-lint) - Attention helicopter parents: There's a new GPS smartwatch and complementary app on website Indiegogo created specifically for young children, and it's seeking crowd-source backing in order to get a proper launch.

Called hereO GPS watch, the gadget is described as "the coolest, smallest GPS watch truly designed for kids". It's real-time tracking device in the form of a trendy, colourful watch, and it works with a "great family locator app". Simply strap the watch onto a child's wrist, then load the hereO app on your smartphone, and start monitoring his or her's whereabouts.

The hereO GPS watch features a "build-in SIM-Card" that auto-connects to a local carrier in more than 140 countries. And there's no roaming fees. Once connected, you can set parameters so that the GPS watch and app will notify you when a child enters or leaves a specific area such as a school. You can also use hereO to simply see where your child is at any given moment.

To see what else this nifty little gadget can do, check out the video above. You can also browse hereO's Indiegogo page, where the project has almost reached it's $100,000 campaogn goal (and still has 20 days left to go). The hereO watch is expected to land in retail stores this autumn for $149.

If you'd like to purchase the hereO watch today, the Early Bird special on Indiegogo costs $99. It includes a six-month subscription plan, though you'll have to shell out $5 per month thereafter. Also, if the Indiegogo campaign doesn't work out, you'll still receive the watch by 15 July.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 28 March 2014.