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(Pocket-lint) - The idea of 3D printing chocolate shapes has been hindered by the steep prices of the technology, until now. The Chocabyte 3D printer is $99 and will allow users to print any chocolate shapes their imaginations can muster.

The process is pretty simple. Download a shape from Chocabyte's database or design one using simple software that doesn't require CAD knowledge. Users can even take a photo of an object and print that off as a chocolate clone. The only limitation is size as Chocabyte has an area of 2-inches by 2-inches by 1-inch.

Chocolate cartridges cost $10 for 4 and need to be placed in the microwave to melt before being loaded into the printer. But a solid choccy shape in possible less than ten minutes, so the whole process is fairly speedy.

Chocabyte will be limited to 500 models initially, each with their own unique model number. Once these have been made in Australia and shipped within an expected three-month period, more will be mass-produced by third party manufacturers across the globe.

At the moment there aren’t many alternatives for 3D printing chocolate, certainly not at a reasonable price. Rival company 3D Systems has its ChefJet, capable of 3D printing sugar shapes with colour, but that starts at $5,000.

Chocabyte is available to order now, presuming the full 500 haven't been spoken for already at the time of reading this.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.