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(Pocket-lint) - A fire breathing remote control dragon that flies at 70mph, via a jet engine, can be owned for mere money. No need to vanquish anything, be Dragonborn or even a Game of Thrones cast member.

What will be needed, however, is $60,000 (£36,360). Sounds a lot but that's the equivalent of a new car - although, that admittedly can't breath fire.

This dragon uses a single jet engine propelled by jet aircraft fuel or kerosene that delivers 10-minutes of constant flight. It will even automatically turn its head as it changes direction at your remote controlled command.

Upon landing, the dragon can breath a three-foot plume of fire while its LED eyes light up red. This has been disabled while in flight for obvious reasons, although we imagine a high-speed crash would still cause a fair fireball thanks to the propane tank.

Safety issues aside, the nine-foot wingspan and length of this beast will require a fair bit of open space to take flight. It has concealed wheels for a steady take off and landing. But the puny humans running in fear from its swooping descents won't notice those.

The fire-breathing dragon is available via Hammacher for $60,000.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 25 March 2014.