You no longer need to imagine the future of 3D printing, it's already here with the Sneakerbot II trainers ready to be printed off.

The reason these decidedly Back to the Future design inspired kicks are possible is thanks to a new flexible filament developed by Recreus. The company has managed to create a 1.75mm filament that will print without the usual clogging issues while still remaining flexible after hardening.

The result is a pair of 3D printed trainers that can be folded and bent to a tiny size. They can spring back into shape ready to be worn offering balance, support and comfort, says Recreus.

Recreus has created its own extruder and hot end capable of printing the material from your desktop 3D printer. Even the extruder can be 3D printed.

The Sneakerbot II design file is free to download. Once the extruder and filament become available expect to start seeing this new fashion statement cropping up at a hipster cafe near you.

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