Guidelight wants to reinvent the bulky night light, something we've all been familiar with from a young age.

The Guidelight hooks to an electrical outlet, doesn't take up a plug, and turns on automatically when it gets dark. It's perhaps the perfect night light solution, and actually looks pretty stylish.

People across the internet are interested in the idea, too. Utah electrician Jeremy Smith was hoping to raise $12,000 for the project through Kickstarter, but by Wednesday he's blown passed his goal to raise $104,282.

The product is currently available only in the US, with one Guidelight costing $12. You get your choice of colour and style: including white, light almond or ivory. There's also a pack of three available for $36.

Perhaps most interestingly, the Guidelight lasts more than 25 years and uses less than 5 cents of power a year. It's claimed to take seconds to install by turning off power to the outlet, removing your old cover plate, placing the Guidelight over your outlet, and re-inserting the screw to hold the Guidelight in place.

Smith says the project will ship by the end of March or early April.