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(Pocket-lint) - Qoros has shown off a suitably futuristic electric bicycle at the Geneva Motor Show. The mountain bike styled machine, named eBiqe, uses a battery and motor, along with pedals, to achieve speeds of up to 40mph with a 75-mile range.

This bike might be a concept but it's not the first time this type of machine has been built. You can buy the Stealth Electric Bike now if you've got £9,000 spare, and that will hit 50mph. But what makes the eBiqe special is its connecitivty - it's always on 3G.

The eBiqe features a 5-inch touchscreen display that's mounted to the handlebars. This will connect to the QorosQloud platform for advanced route planning, intelligent navigation, social networking and the ability to check the bike's tyre pressures, battery charge and range.

qoros ebiqe concept electric bicycle can hit 40mph with a 75 mile range image 4

The QorosCloud navigation currently found in Qoros cars has been adapted to suit cyclists. It still incorporates real-time incidents, travels times, weather and even charging points. The bike will charge to full in 80-minutes from a standard power outlet.

The eBiqe has three modes: Power for a top speed of 40mph and 50-mile range; Street for a legal limited 15mph with 75-mile range; and Eco for a speed of 37mph and 62-mile range. These will vary depending on how much the user pedals, as it can be ridden purely with electric drive. Range is also affected by how much the regenerative braking is used.

Qoros has not mentioned plans to release the eBiqe as it's just a concept right now. But if it were to hit the streets we'd expect a price of at least £5,000. But as a motorbike or car replacement, which doesn't require traditional fuel, that's not so bad.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 4 March 2014.