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(Pocket-lint) - There is a new wearable fitness gadget in the works that serves as a personal training device and might one day tap into the Internet of Things. It is called Moov.

Moov, which releases in summer 2014, is compatible with iPhone 4S and above. It is not compatible with Android phones, though the company said you could expect an Android platform by autumn 2014. Moov will support a range of physical activities at launch including running, cycling, swimming, boxing, and body weight workouts such as push ups and planks. Other sports and activities - such as golf, free weights, and yoga - will arrive within months of Moov's launch.

Moov can do things like analyse your form and posture and give you real-time instructions on how to improve. The company's promotional video showed various athletes strapping Moov onto their limbs and training to voice-guided advice from Moov's personal assistant-like coach. The coach, for instance, told a runner to shorten her stride, and then it told a different person to start a specific strength-building excercise. But that's not all: it also logged swim data for one swimmer who wore Moov while in a pool.

moov is a personal training wearable device that gives you voice guided workout advice in real time image 2

"Depending on the type of exercise, attach Moov to the body part that you would like to measure during your workout. For instance, wear Moov on your ankle or shoe when running, wrist while cardio-boxing," Moov says on its website. "Moov pairs with the Moov app and tracks your movement, analyses your body’s position, provides instant feedback and details your progress over time. Feedback is provided in two ways: visually via your mobile device and orally via your earphones."

Moov features proprietary 9-axis sensor capabilities, waterproofing up to one meter, a battery that lasts for seven days when low-to-medium activity tracking or eight hours when high-frequency movement tracking, as well as the ability to connect to a mobile device if in a 100-foot unblocked range. Moov also lets you share your achievements with friends. Just tap the Share button in the Moov app. You can further store your data in the Moov cloud and compare your workout achievements with other Moov users.

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The team behind Moov said it plans to release a software development kit to developers so they can "explore the possibilities of creating gesture-based apps to play games" - or even control your household lights. That means Moov is capable of being an Internet of Things device (IoT, for short). IoT is a phrase for when everyday objects are connected to the internet and participating together on a system, though it also means the convergence of conventional connected devices and smart appliances‏.

The Moov will retail for $120, but you can grab one now in either white or black with a 50 per cent discount. Moov is offering the sale for a limited quantity of units during its pre-order period. That means the Moov costs $59.95, and it'll begin shipping by this summer. We've contacted the company to learn about availability outside of the US, and we will update when more information is known.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 27 February 2014.