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(Pocket-lint) - Creoir is a Finnish company that makes and designs smartwatches, smartphones and other related gadgets for third-party manufacturers. Its CEO Pekka Väyrynen told Pocket-lint  it's currently working on a sports watch with "a major sports brand", but the device shown to us during the Mobile World Congress is its current concept project Ibis.

The Ibis combines smartwatch technology and jewellery design. It has a clever, adjustable bracelet with a small OLED display and analogue watch face. The latter is included as, we were told, you don't want to have to wake your device each time just to tell the time. And battery life will be the same as a conventional watch for that section.

The prototype device we got a chance to hold didn't have a working display, but a separate working screen was on hand to check out some of the features and functionality. Creoir's aim is to keep things simple and, therefore, elegant. The display will show message alerts, allow you to silence calls, but the watch will not act as a phone extension. Unlike other devices, there are no plans to allow a user to make calls on the watch-come-bracelet itself.

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Other features will be implemented in time, but we liked the simplicity of the software design. Everything was immediately available through a few simple swipes of the touchscreen and we'd like to see how the final product will look when the display is in place.

In tech specs terms, the software currently used is a heavily adapted version of Android. It has been designed to work at low power, so should last longer between charges than many smartwatches already on the market.

It will work with both iOS and Android devices using Bluetooth 4.0, but also has Wi-Fi of its own so can technically pull down emails or messages itself. An accelerometer, GPS and ambient light sensor will be on board, so further applications could utilise those features.

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The band is hefty. Creoir told us that it could be made of any material the manufacturer chooses (or even in a different style if necessary), but the version we held was made of stainless steel. Solid and substantial.

The Creoir Ibis could well have a different name when it comes to market via any one of a number of brands the company is talking to. Depending on the materials used and the brand that releases it, prices could range from hundreds of pounds to a thousand.

Creoir also plans to build the technology into a fashionable smartwatch aimed more at men.

Writing by Rik Henderson.