Mogees is a smart device that sticks to a surface and, via your phone, turns that object into a musical instrument. Tap, strum and beat on almost anything for different sounds as a bit of fun or for real musical experimentation.

Mogees was created by music technology researcher Bruno Zamborlin and is now on Kickstarter seeking funding.

The device allows you to tap a table, say, and hear different sounds from varying locations and levels of force. This could be great for dancers who want to add sound to their movements or, apparently, for people who love fences but just don't get an excuse to tap them enough.

Sure, it's a bit silly and just some fun but the potential is great - not only for looking silly in public, but also for creating new sounds or new instruments.

For the novice Mogees will even allow you to tap out your favourite tune on an object automatically. For the privelge you need to shell out £40 for the basic setup which includes the sticky mic and the "classic" app. For the professional version, with a better mic and more in-depth app options you'll need to spend £60.