Spike Aerospace is creating a private jet that makes every seat both a window and isle placing thanks to an HD wall-screen that displays the outside.

The supersonic jet, due in 2018, will use live-streaming screens to display what is going on outside the jet as if the walls were made of glass. Tiny cameras will line the S-512's exterior to feed the live video to the internal displays.

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The screens will be able to dip in brightness making overnight flights comfortable even if you've forgotten the old face mask.

Since it's a private jet the rich will be able to have hours of fun flying at 1370mph with 18 passenger pals on board. We love the idea of the mischievous among them hijacking the feed and adding in UFOs or Superman himself - what a riot of a ride that would be.

Expect to see Spike Aerospace's S-512 appear in 2018. But don't expect chartering it to be cheap.