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(Pocket-lint) - There's no shortage of gadgets out there that'll count your steps and measure your activity, but that hasn't stopped GeoPalz from showing off a clip-on dongle for the whole family at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair. It's called ibitz.

Originally launched in 2013, ibitz is water-resistant, comes in seven colors, and features an accompanying, easy-to-use iOS app that syncs via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. This wireless pedometer is ideal for children because it stores 30 days of activity and converts steps into "keys". The more keys a child racks up, the more rewards they can earn.

Built-in rewards include coins and exclusive content through Disney’s Club Penguin. But that's not all: A separate adult version of ibitz will track parent's activity and monitor children's rewards and health data. That means an entire family can use the ibitz line to set goals, stay active, and earn rewards together.

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GeoPalz' ibitz for children measures about 1.4-inches x 1.2-inches x .65-inch. It's a little thing that feels rather durable, and the plastic clip feels pretty sturdy too. Additionally, we really liked that there is an array of colours to choose from, including tangerine, lemon, watermelon, blackberry, etc. During Pocket-lint's brief demo, we also thought the ibitz iOS app for kids looked cool. It has plenty of fun animations.

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However, the nifty rewards platform - where a child can pick a spaceship and "explore the galaxy" with their steps - is the standout feature of ibitz. Mostly because, apart from the rewards for Club Penguin, parents can also set goals and rewards for children such as 30 minutes of activity earns 15 minutes of television.

Parents can even designate custom Amazon prizes (parent funded, naturally), where their children would earn a reward if they complete a certain amount of steps. The possibilities are endless really, and Pocket-lint thought this overall idea was awesome because it seemed to successfully balance entertainment with health.

GeoPalz told Pocket-lint that an Android version of iBitz is coming in April. The kid version costs about $35 (£29.95) at Best Buy or Amazon, and the adult version is $50.

Writing by Elyse Betters.