A new type of snorkel mask, called Easybreath, has been created by water kit specialist Tribord. Unlike the usual pipe-in-your-mouth effort this is a full-face mask with streamlined breathing unit.

As you can see the mask uses a large full-face panel to offer a complete 180-degree field of vision while you're paddling with the fishies. There's also a double air-flow system that means the mask will remain clear without any fogging. This system is similar to that found on the extraction fan in your home.

And if you're in choppy water there won't be any worry of inhaling the wet stuff, as the snorkel features a mechanism on top to stop water getting in. The top is also brightly coloured so you shouldn't get run over by a boat.

The Tribord Easybreath, available in five colours, is on sale now for €40.

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