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(Pocket-lint) - Jetpacks are almost as exciting as hoverboards, but jetpacks are already here. X-Jetpacks wants to take hydro jetpacks to the next level making them affordable and easy to use for people on holiday.

Next time you get away to sun, sand and sea, rather than para-sailing, you might have the option to fly a jetpack over the water, thanks to the H3X.

Current hydro jetpacks, like the JetLev-Flyer or Flyboard, rely on a custom propulsion craft to float along, pumping the water through the pack. The H3X can be powered by a jetski. By connecting the H3X to a SeaDoo, Yamaha or Kawasaki personal watercraft with at least 150 horsepower it is able to fly.

This not only makes the kit cheaper and more mobile but also puts the control over flight in the hands of the jetski driver who uses the throttle to deliver power to the jetpack. This means holidaygoers could strap on the jetpack and fly near the jetski as a guide stays close by.

While we're glad to get closer to actually trying a jetpack it does feel that the lack of power control would feel a little restrictive as the rider remains a steady 40ft from the jetski. But since the jetpack user could still direct movements, to a certain extent, it's probably still a lot of fun.

X-Jetpacks says it's now working on a model that allows the flyer to control the power which should be released later this year.

The H3X is available now in the Caribbean for a promotional price of $8,250 and in Europe and Asia for €6,495. The normal price is $9499/€7495. The US and Canada won't get the H3X just yet, because of intellectual property disputes. 

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 12 February 2014.