Are you a heavy sleeper or have hearing difficulties? The Amplicomms TCL300 alarm clock has been designed to wake you from even the deepest slumber. It features a super-loud alarm noise, flashing lights and a vibrating pillow pad that will help shake you awake.

Described as sounding like a "thunder storm", the clock is capable of barking out sounds of up to 80dB. That's as loud as a freight train or rubbish disposal truck. In your bedroom.

Thankfully, there is a volume control if you want to tone it down to just motorway traffic or vacuum cleaner levels. You can also choose three different alarm modes at differing levels for daily, weekday or weekend settings. And the vibrating pillow pad can be set to work on its own if needed.

The Amplicomms TCL300 alarm clock will be available from the end of February for £39.99. You can buy one from, a site dedicated to products for those with hearing loss.