An army of remote-controlled robots will be patrolling Tate Britain at night. Not as some sort of cyber security squad but as a way for the public to see the gallery from the comfort of home.

The robots will be remote controlled, allowing for an unobtrusive view of the art at a time when the gallery is empty. The images will be live streamed online for viewers to enjoy.

Each robot will be equipped with lights and cameras. Users will be able to book a time slot giving them exclusive access for a set period of time.

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The idea, known as The Tate Project, was the idea of The Workers - a design studio that's previously worked on the London 2012 Olympics and the Berlin Natural History Museum.

The Workers won a Tate-sponsored contest for the IK Prize which awarded it £10,000 plus a £60,000 production budget for the "digitally innovative project which [could] enhance public enjoyment of art".

Tommaso Lanza of The Workers said: "It was incredible seeing this once crowded space now completely empty of people except ourselves, surrounded by all this amazing art."

When the gallery goes into action, or how much control the user has over the robot body, hasn't been announced yet.