(Pocket-lint) - When you're interviewing one of the world's richest and most charitable men, it may be a good idea not to have their competitor's product on your desk. 

In an interview on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, Fallon forgot to hide his Apple MacBook before Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates sat down. Fallon cuts in the interview with a realisation: "Oh! This is probably disrespectful, I'm going to just close this." Gates simply shrugs it off. 

It was an hilarious moment in an otherwise serious interview. Fallon discussed Gates's charitable efforts with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which most recently eradicated polio from India, and hopes to do so worldwide within the next five years. Given the former Microsoft CEO's technological roots, Fallon also asked about upcoming technology Gates thinks customers will see. 

"I think the thing that will really change computing is that they'll really be able to see, listen, talk and to recognise your handwriting," Gates explained. "It'll make it a lot more pervasive. Instead of working on just one screen, you'll have multiple screens, able to move around and have multiple people working with an application." He suggests we'll move past the keyboard and screen and into more wide open use cases. 

Gates added that he thought by now people would be doing more handwriting on a tablet than they are. He believes that as handwriting on a tablet becomes more comfortable and companies make the size just right, it will become widely adopted. It was added that, of course, Microsoft is working on software to make handwriting recognition better. 

Writing by Jake Smith.