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(Pocket-lint) - The Blaze Laserlight is hoping to keep cyclists safe with a new take on the bicycle light by using a Batman-like signal.

It projects a warning signal 16 to 20 feet ahead of a cyclist, to stop pedestrians and drivers from stepping/driving out in front of them. Its goal is to "communicate, not just illuminate".

The people behind Blaze say the blindspot is the biggest danger to cyclists, as 79 per cent of cycle accidents occur when the bicycle is travelling straight ahead and a vehicle manoeuvres into them, according to one study. The Laserlight uses a green laser to project a symbol of a cyclist riding a bike on the road to stop someone from crossing your path.

The Blaze Laserlight also carries a white LED that pushes 300lm in its brightest mode. The laser image is projected by a separate diode inside the light and can be switched on and off independently.

bike laserlight wants to cut down on blindspot accidents with batman like signal image 2

The Laserlight is 100 per cent waterproof and uses a 13-hour battery, rechargeable  through USB. Coloured back-lights around the pins display the battery level, and large flush buttons let you push them while even wearing winter gloves.

The Laserlight began as a Kickstarter project, but now it's ready to hit the mainstream. It will be available in March for £125/$200, and if you're interested, you can now pre-order it from the Blaze website.

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 22 January 2014.