(Pocket-lint) - The image above is not of the "real" Starship Enterprise - it's actually a Quebec woman's basement. She's obsessed with the TV show Star Trek, if you couldn't already tell.

In an interview with CNET, Lune Rainville admitted that she spent $30,000 (£18,000) to redecorate her basement. She wanted it to look like an actual stage set from the 1960s Star Trek series. And she lives in Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, Quebec, which is just one hour north of the birthplace of  William Shatner, who famously played Star Trek's Captain James Kirk.

Rainville's basement features iconic rooms and look-a-like furniture from Star Trek, including the Enterprise bridge, transporter room, recreation room, observation deck, Spock's quarters, food replicator, tricorder, 3D chess set and Vulcan bells. To get the desird result, she consulted with an interior decorator, scouring eBay for replica parts and hand-crafted props.

"At some points, I took so much time to find out the precise item that it seemed like an obsession," Rainville told CNET. "I had put in so much energy seeking what I wanted that to accept failure is difficult, even to this day. Although people say they are impressed with the decor, I know well each inaccuracy, the exact places that I could improve."

Rainville's obsession stems from her love of Star Trek as a child. She just wanted to recreate the set in her basement so she could recall her childhood. While some people watch home movies or buy an favourite old toy, she just wanted to walk into her basement and board the Enterprise.

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"Standing there, being 51 years old, I was kind of beamed back into that 9-year-old girl's mind who so often wished her beloved Captain Kirk could bring her aboard his vessel," Rainville explained. "All at once, I was aboard the Enterprise. The illusion had became my reward."

From the pictures below, she seems to have accomplished her Starship Enterprise mission.

Writing by Elyse Betters.