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(Pocket-lint) - Vuzix has reached a deal with an unnamed major electronics company that will lead to smart glasses that actually look good.

At the moment even Google Glass looks a bit silly. As does the Vuzix M100 that's currently available. The problem right now is the display being stuck on to the lenses, or near to where they'd usually sit. The Vuzix plan is to use see-through wave guide optics to solve this issue.


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The next generation of smart glasses from Vuzix will be able to display images on the lenses themselves. This technology uses a compact display engine that can throw up high contrast and bright images suitable for outdoor viewing. This is aimed at a 1.4mm-thick plastic waveguide lens which squeezes the light down the wavelength and then two dimensionally expands the image back into the eye. Essentially it's an advanced projector that uses glass or plastic as a screen.

The new Vuzix smart glass should look like designer sunglasses once they're ready for release - all the optics, connectivity and power will be hidden in the arms for a subtle yet smart set of specs. So what's the catch? Apart from the usual battery life woes these won't be on the market until 2015 at the earliest. As for the price of designer smart sunglass, we dread to think.

Writing by Luke Edwards.