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(Pocket-lint) - Robots come in all shapes and sizes, some try to resemble humans, others clean your grill. AIMe, from a company called Jigabot, lets you mount a camera on top of it and have it track your movement in the shot so you can be in the picture rather than behind the camera.

The idea is that you wear a dedicated IR sensor called EmIT and the motorised mount, which is the size of a small water bottle and sits atop of a standard camera tripod, does all the work.

Due to be launched in June 2014, the robotic mount can track the sensor up to 150ft away and rotate through 360 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically.

A spokeswomen told Pocket-lint the EmIT sensor will be able to be tracked by multiple AIMe's, allowing you to grab multiple camera angles if you are really going for a big set-up.

As you can imagine, the end use cases are huge, with the AIMe being pitched at parents keen to capture their kids on a football pitch without having to hold and move the camera all the time, to sports professionals keen to monitor their movement and then analyse it - and that's before you start to think about the possibilities of presenters wanting to move around in front of a static camera.

The company spokeswomen also told us that although the first version will require a line of sight to work, it is already working on a non-line-of-sight version as well.

Costing $299 with various mounts including GoPro, cameras and smartphones, and a sensor to get you started, the AIMe could have huge potential.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 14 January 2014.