The future of power could be in organic batteries if a recent MIT discovery makes it to production. Scientists have created an organic flow battery that costs only $27 per kilowatt-hour compared to metal batteries at $700 per killowatt-hour - nearly a 97 per cent saving.

Using quinone molecules, that are almost identical to those found in rhubarb, a battery was made that is not only as efficient as metal but that could also be made on a huge scale.

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Lead researcher Michael J. Aziz said: "A safe and economical flow battery could play a huge role in our transition off fossil fuels to renewable electricity. I'm excited that we have a good shot at it."

Researchers are currently working on a flow battery, about the size of a horse trailer, which could be connected to solar panels on a commercial building for power storage that's cheap and good for the environment.

So while we probably won't see organic flow batteries in our mobiles anytime soon, on a larger scale these are hugely important for getting nearer to zero emission fuels.