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(Pocket-lint) - How good is your basketball? Probably not good enough according to InfoMotion Sports Technologies who has created a smart basketball called 94Fifty.

The smart basketball has nine sensors inside the ball to deliver real-time shooting and ball-handling feedback including shot speed, backspin and arc measurements, to an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth LE, giving players of any skill level the ability to improve important muscle memory skills more efficiently and effectively.

That's certainly what we found when we had a go with the ball at CES in Las Vegas.

Pocket-lint94fifty smart basketball is designed to help you improve your court skills image 3

Charged wirelessly the ball connects to your iOS device (Android coming soon) and then gives you feedback. According to the ball our hoop shot arc angle is around 29 degrees where is should be much higher.

The idea, as you've probably already worked out, is to allow players to train and improve on their skills with the app rather than an expensive professional giving you feedback.

The app also lets you work through a number of training programmes as well as challenging your friends. The ball works by listening to the suite of sensors inside the regulation size and weight basketball.

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is available for $299.95 in the US and the company does ship internationally.

Although expensive, after having a play with the ball at the show we have to admit it's very clever stuff. If you are looking to improve your court skills we can't see a better way of doing it.

Writing by Stuart Miles.