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(Pocket-lint) - IK Multimedia, the firm behind an ever expanding range of music apps and accessories for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, has announced a motion controller device that helps you make music without touching the screen. And thanks to the release of SDK, can even be used by app developers to incorporate support in other software.

The iRing is so called because you wear it between your middle fingers. There are two different styles and each features a distinct dot pattern as identifiers front and back. The phone or tablet's front-facing camera recognises the pattern and supported software translates your hand movements into actions on screen. Even distance is calculated.

iring gives you kinect style control over music creation on ipad iphone and ipod touch image 2

Up to six different controls in music applications can be recognised by just one or two hand gestures, and because things are kept simple, it will work in a wide range of lighting conditions and doesn't need vast processing power to recognise the motions.

IK Multimedia has launched the iRing with two free applications, iRing Music Maker and iRing FX/Controller. You also get two double-sided ring controllers in the pack.

iRing Music Maker allows users to use the controller to change beats, control rhythmic elements, synth parts and effects. It's designed to be a fun and simple way to make music.

iring gives you kinect style control over music creation on ipad iphone and ipod touch image 3

The iRing FX/Controller app is aimed more at skilled musicians and DJs, converting the distance information from the rings into MIDI control information determined by the user. This can then be used by any compatible Core MIDI app running on the device.

It can also be used as a controllable audio effects processor. There are 16 effects available, including delay, stutter, phazer, flanger and more.

IK Multimedia will also be incorporating iRing support into its existing core music apps, including GrooveMaker, DJ Rig, AmpliTube, SampleTank and VocaLive.

The iRing will be available soon from ikmultimedia.com for 19.99 euros (most likely £19.99 in the UK).

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 8 January 2014.