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(Pocket-lint) - Mophie has announced a new case that will not only give your battery a boost, but also expand the storage available for your iPhone. The Mophie Space Pack was announced today at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

The new case will come in two capacities, 16GB or 32GB, meaning you'll be able to carry a lot more music, movies or photos - or any other file type - than ever before on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S.

You'll need to use the Mophie iOS Space app to access the contents of the Space Pack, but then you can access all your storage, with Space automatically organising all your content into collections for easy navigation.

Even better, it supports AirPlay and AirDrop, so you can then send your content to another user or device for viewing and sharing.

As this is a Mophie case you also get the additional power and protection for your iPhone, along with the storage boost, so it looks like a great addition.

"We wanted to create a product that enables iPhone users to truly enhance their experience by solving some of the core limitations of smartphones," said Daniel Huang Mophie CEO and co-founder.

"With an iPhone case that provides the charging solution and low-profile protective design expected from Mophie, we've taken the next step and developed an entirely new category, pushing the increasing trend toward mobile computing even further."

The 16GB Mophie Space Pack will cost you $149.95 (£91) and the 32GB will be $179.95, both available from 14 March 2014.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 7 January 2014.