The days of not hearing the doorbell are over, thanks to an American company that has created the Doorbot, an internet-connected doorbell that has the ability to ring your phone instead of just chiming through the house. 

The device, which costs $200 (£122) and is available worldwide, is either run off an internal battery for a year or can be connected to a power supply before linking to your households Wi-Fi network.

Once connected, it then automatically sends your phone a notification (Android and iOS) allowing you to see that someone is at the door.

If you then want to see who it is, the accompanying app lets you tap into the device's included webcam and even talk to whoever is knocking - presumably letting them know you aren't at home or perhaps still in bed. 

The company says there is no limit to the number of smartphones or tablets that can connect to the DoorBot, meaning that if you've got more than one of you in the house you can set it so all your phones go off at once (very Lawnmower man).

The doorbell is available now.