CSR, the company behind Bluetooth, has announced VibeHub which will enable home network audio to work seamlessly across devices. Whether on an iPhone, Android device or streaming from online, it will all work smoothly using Bluetooth or Wi-fi. With the option for plug-in upgrades that make any system a smart connected device, this could be the future of home audio.

VibeHub will be integrated into new audio systems, or potentially, anything with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection or that can be upgraded. Essentially it will mean any device can control all your audio kit.

Say you're pulling in music from Spotify on your iPad, you can chose which speakers it will go to in the house, or whether you want it to change as you move about. As it works with Bluetooth it will adapt - so it could potentially lower volume in one room as you leave and increase in the next as you enter.

This is a proof of concept design that CSR says is going to start appearing in lots of devices soon. Effectively it could make the smart audio home an affordable option for everyone at last.