The new CubePro 3D printer from 3D Systems is aimed at pro-to-consumer users who want a bit more quality and speed than the hobbyist printers out there can offer.

The CubePro is able to print with three different colours and two different materials (ABS and PLA) at 75-micro layers of thinness. It also offers the largest in-class print volume that can manage up to the size of a basketball. That's two and a half times larger than any other desktop "prosumer" and hobbyist printer, according to 3D Systems.

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The CubePro also offers a controlled print chamber to ensure professional quality every time. The automated settings should make it easy to use in spite of the pro name. The CubePro also features a colour touchscreen for simple printing controls - especially useful when sent from an iOS, Android or Windows Phone device using its Wi-Fi connectivity.

The CubePro will be for sale shortly after March 2014.