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(Pocket-lint) - We love Blue Microphones, they are top-notch quality, with quirky designs that give brilliant sound performance for a sensible price. So we're pretty pleased to hear about the company's new "Mo-Fi" concept, which appears to be an attempt to bring hi-fi quality headphones and microphones to mobile devices.

The firm has released a Pre-CES trailer that has the usual ambiguous close-up shots that accompany most technology launches these days. The video talks about bringing high-fidelity to your devices, so it's almost more of a mission statement than a product. But it seems that it will be the basis for a range of new stuff coming in spring this year.

In a press release sent out today, the firm also calls out a lot of the headphones popular today. No names are mentioned, but "loud bass over good bass" gets a mention, as does "raw volume instead of powerful accuracy". Nothing much to object to there, although we have heard much of this before.

Unleash Mo-Fi from Mo-Fi on Vimeo.

Can Blue change headphones? Well, from a design perspective we're certain its products will look amazing, in a love them or hate them kind of way. Can audio quality be rescued from millions of MP3s? No doubt from some of them, but don't forget a lot of music is compressed beyond what a pair of headphones can fix, and besides, if Blue is promising better sound, adding its own tone to music isn't the way to do it.

You can sign up for information via the Mo-Fi website, and it's likely that there will be more information revealed at CES. And if there's a product our chaps on the ground will get some hands-on time with it, so keep an eye on our rapidly expanding CES hub for all the latest from CES 2014.

Writing by Ian Morris. Originally published on 6 January 2014.