Current options for cycling with navigation mean either buying a dedicated satnav, buying a mount for your phone, or listening to a route through headphones. Schwinn is a simple alternative that combines the best of all other options by using your phone's brain but offering simple voice directions with lit turns.

Schwinn CycleNav is a Bluetooth-connected device that mounts to your handlebars and, with three lights, directs you left, right or forward while the speaker tells you where to turn. Your phone does the navigating legwork while on stand-by to save power, as the Schwinn directs you. And if you miss a command just tap the repeat button and you'll be set on your way again.

The Schwinn CycleNav recharges via micro USB and lasts up to 10 hours on a charge. It's also easily removable for when you arrive at your destination. You can then look at your phone, where the app will give you a summary of your stats such as distance, average speed and more.

So what's better about this over, say, listening to Google Maps through headphones? Apart from the repeat button you can plan a route taking into account things like distance, ride time, elevation and calories burned. Plus you can set waypoints to make stops along the way, or to take a specific route.

All these options and it will only cost $60 (£37). The downside is this will US only for maps when it launches on 15 January. Fingers crossed it will roll out to the UK soon.