If you thought the connected fork at CES last year wasn't enough to meet your tech needs, you're in luck. Kolibree has taken to the tradeshow in 2014 to unveil the world's first connected electric toothbrush.

It will hit the market in Q3 2014 aiming to make sure you brush your teeth to the best of your ability for $99. And if you have children, it will make for an easy way to monitor they're not slacking on their daily hygiene.

Kolibree will ship a smartphone app for easy tracking, complete with a five-star system to let you know your brushing performance. Kids (or hey, the competitive adults) can compete to earn awards among friends to see who is brushing their teeth regularly.

Given its electric nature, the smart toothbrush sits on a small white charging stand so you don't run out of power. The battery is claimed to run one week without charging with four brushes per day and Bluetooth turned on. Toothbrushes do run down over time, and Kolibree has made the head detachable so you can keep it fresh every couple of months.