Griffin has announced the PowerMate Bluetooth, a wireless version of its PowerMate accessory that can execute key commands to streamline routine tasks.

Now with the Bluetooth version of the PowerMate, you get a more stylish look on your desk instead of seeing cords. 

The PowerMate was first introduced in 2001, and Griffin isn't slowing down in 2014. The new version is being shown-off at CES 2014, before it goes on sale in the summer for $59.99 (£36), which is $30 more than the corded version.

While PowerMate is customisable to almost any task, popular commands for the accessory include spinning it like a wheel to move quickly through large multimedia files, spreadsheets and word processor documents, or click it like a mouse to select text or perform commands. It can also act as a volume knob and mute button for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Mac computers.

The PowerMate Bluetooth has a pulsing LED to provide system status at a glance. Users can control what information the light is displaying. For power users, multiple PowerMates can be paired through Bluetooth, with no entangling wires, allowing users to assign various commands to each.