The Ferrari designer's smart bracelet brings with it a rare combination: super sports cars and alcohol. At a jaw-dropping $189,000 (£115,000) it will get you into the most exclusive clubs and even order your drinks for you.

It's a far cry from the fitness bracelets available now, in form, function and price. The price is accounted for by by the Christophe & Co design in conjunction with Ferrari, but what it does is valuable too.

But the project is still in its infancy with £100,000 raised in angel funding so far. So don't smash your Ferrari branded piggy bank just yet.

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The bracelet will work like a VIP wrist band with a brain. It will give you access to exclusive clubs including the Monte Carlo Beach Club in Abu Dhabi, the Home House in London and the Kee Club in Hong Kong.

Once inside you'll be able to tap a button on the bracelet and your favourite drink order will be sent to the front desk. Tap another button and your round-the-clock "dedicated lifestyle manager" will be called on your mobile.

While the bracelet hasn't been shown off yet, early mock-ups suggest a thick metal wristband with sports car-like lines and, of course, gems. It will also be packing NFC and Bluetooth LE and be powered by the kinetic energy of your movements. And it's all modular so can be updated.

The initial bracelet will start at $70,000 with fewer gems and less tech integration. But future plans are to add gesture recognition, virtual keys and wallet, plus smart home controls.