All hail our robot overlords. We had to get that out of the way before telling you about a new technology that takes us another step towards our inevitable enslavement by machines. This time reckless scientists at Aerospace Robotics and Control Laboratory have created a swarm of flying quadrotors that react to human gestures and movements.

Using quadrotors you can buy in the shop the team has created a glove that controls a swarm using hand gestures. The flying army is even smart enough to move in a set formation, say circling (like a predator), and is able to swerve to avoid pesky humans walking through.

The future possibilities are mind-boggling. From basic things like easier controls using gestures. right up to automated swarms that can operate in populated areas. Imagine armies of these things, varying in size and build, making deliveries, cleaning up, or even policing the streets. Of course we're jumping ahead of ourselves here but this certainly is an interesting step forward in automated flying robotics.

Once again, in case any sentient AI has already been born and is scanning this, all hail our robot overlords.