Optical cables, that use light to transmit signals have long been in any self-respecting audiophile's cable collection. But never have they made the jump to guitar, until now with the introduction of The Light Lead.

The advantage of an optical guitar cable is zero capacitance and zero loading, which means a precise, dynamic and clear sound. Current multi-strand cables do minimise capacitance but can't get rid of it and must suffer a loss of high frequencies, especially in long leads. Optical cables, no matter the length, maintain quality.

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The music industry already uses optical analogue technology for microphones, speakers, headphones and more. Now that guitars have the technology too, sound quality can remain clear from the string pluck, to the speaker, to the ear.

Iconic Sound will debut The Light Lead at the Winter NAMM show from 23 January. Hopefully pricing and a release date will also be announced then.