The skies are safe for gadgets at last as BA announces it will be the first European airline to allow electronics to be used during takeoff and landing.

US airlines introduced the change after the Federal Aviation Authority reassessed the rule,and BA is allowing customers to leave their kit switched on the whole time they’re in the aircraft.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority still won’t allow texts or calls so you’ll need to have flight mode activated. But at least you can read your Kindle or listen to music without angering a flight attendant.

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BA's flight training manager, Captain Ian Pringle, said: "The easing of restrictions will provide an average of 30 minutes additional personal screen time." So that means in-flight entertainment and your own tablet movie won't be interrupted right up until you’re waiting around for them to attach the stairs.

This should just be the start if America is anything to go by, with plenty of other major airlines following the lead of British Airways soon. The European Aviation Safety Agency announced this month that airlines are able to introduce the changes, “subject to their own assessments”.