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(Pocket-lint) - Goji Play is a new fitness tracking game that uses sensors and bundled hardware to make games for fitness. From the creators of Guitar Hero, which made music gaming mainstream, Goji Play should make fitness gaming popular.

The first product will give you two dual button controllers that strap on to exercise equipment and an activity sensor that clips to you. These connect wirelessly to an iPhone or iPad where the games can be displayed as you workout/game.

"We started Blue Goji really with the idea of trying to help people lead healthier lives. Our experience with Guitar Hero taught us that games can be very engaging, fun and immersive, and also inspire people to be more active," said co-creator Kai Huang.

With the popularity of fitness trackers like the Nike+ FuelBand SE or Jawbone Up this is a great time to announce the gaming kit. And it will work with your existing fitness tech too - if you use MyFitnessPal. Goji Play will track your activity time, distance, calories burned and more to be viewed in the accompanying app.

Blue Goji is releasing 12 games for the launch of Goji Play, with more to follow on the App Store at regular intervals. Most have been developed in-house, but a few will come from external developers.

goji play will do to fitness gaming what its creators did to music gaming with guitar hero image 3

It’s an interesting time for fitness gaming as this type of hardware and software combination may lead to games being designed to create spurts of effort at certain times - dictating the game’s design. If you like, it’s top down from fitness rather than bottom up from console games.

Blue Goji is on sale now for £100. It’s iOS only but Android functionality is on its way.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 12 December 2013.